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Family Office
Do you need a Family Office?
A family office can be a useful tool in your legacy planning and asset protection and it is an excellent tool for the introducing of the next generation to your structure and values.
A family office has many advantages but it does of course come with a cost. A multi family office allow an improtant reduction the the running cost while allowing for the same service to be enjoyed by the family and its members.

Family offices

The family office can offer just investment services to a relatively small family or provide a much broader range of services , often with a sizeable team, to a large, diversified multi-generational family.
The implementation, management and aministration of wealth planning structures such as trsts, foundations, life insurance solutions and corporate entities will often be part of the family office activitiy. The family office can also manage assets such as foreign homes, art, yachts and aircrafts.For family with an important wealth, the services may also include lifestyle management and travel organisation. It may also play a part in philanthropic activities and the education of the next generation.

A single-family office comes in all sizes and forms, depending on the actual wealth and composition of the family and would serve only this family.  A multi-family office would serve a number of families ranginf from a couple to a hundred or more in some cases. The main advantage of the multi-family office is of course the reduced cost compared to a single family office.
Switzerland and Family offices
The location of your family office is of great importance. One of the main reasons for establishing a family office is to protect your wealth and it should therefore be established and managed from a stable country in a stable region.
Switzerland has a long reputation in the asset management  and financial services industry and is by far the preferred location for a family office for most of our clients.

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5th Floor
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T: +41(0)22 548 1827
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